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Organize your plogging, on your schedule

Ploogging Find your members

Find your members

We'll help you find interested members and you can approve them to be sure they'll be a good fit for your community.

Ploogging Schedule plogging(s) in minutes

Schedule plogging(s) in minutes

Plogging organizer tools make it easy to schedule and manage your plogging(s). You decide when, where, and how often your group meets.

Ploogging Have others help you host

Have others help you host

You don't have to do it alone. Recruit a leadership team to help you host plogging(s) and manage your group.

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Samsa was a travelling salesman - and above it there hung a picture that he had recently cut out of an illustrated magazine and housed in a nice, gilded frame.

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How to get started

Here's an overview of how you'll create your Network group, from start to finish.

Ploogging Create a group

Create a group

Decide what the group is about, who should join, and what you'll do at your plogging(s).

Ploogging Review and submit

Review and submit

Your group will be reviewed and shared with members who have similar interests.

Ploogging Plan your first plogging

Plan your first plogging

Use Ploogging's organizer tools to schedule your plogging(s) and manage your attendee lists.

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  • Assign co-organizers to help you host plogging(s)
  • Get support from our community experts 7 days a week
  • Schedule plogging(s) and manage your attendee lists

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Frequently asked questions

How much of a time commitment is expected?

As a Ploogging organizer, you decide how often your group meets. You can plogging recruit others to help you host plogging(s) and share responsibilities as the plogging organizer.

How can I grow my Ploogging group?

Ploogging will announce your new group to members in your area who share your interests. Every plogging you schedule will be announced to your group's members, and easily findable to non-members who are looking for plogging(s) like yours. The more plogging(s) your group hosts, the faster it's likely to grow. Sharing your upcoming plogging(s) on your other social networks will also help attract people who aren't already Ploogging members.

How can I monetize my Ploogging group?

There are several ways that you can share costs, or even make a profit as an plogging organizer. You can choose to charge your members dues, or you can ticket each plogging.

How will Ploogging help me be successful?

Ploogging provides the tools and resources you need to build a great community. We'll announce your group to people in your area who come from your country, and continuously help new Ploogging members find your group and your plogging(s). Once you schedule plogging(s), Ploogging manages your attendee lists and reminders. You'll have access to support 7 days a week, and access to articles and tips on how to grow a successful community.