Join the Ploogging community to meet ploggers, meet new people who combine sport and the environment. Discovering and practicing plogging is above all becoming a responsible and committed player for the planet.

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Meet new ploggers and organize ploggings all over the world with Plogging. It's free to create an account and it will remain so!

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Joining a group on Ploogging is above all: finding ploggers and meeting other people who are discovering and/or practicing plogging in order to protect nature while practicing a sports activity outdoors. The rest is history!

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Plogging originally comes from Sweden but today it happens all over the world. With Ploogging, join and/or organize plogging(s) to meet ploggers wherever you are on the planet.

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Create a group to organize plogging(s) and meet passionate and committed ploggers who combine sport and the environment.